August 14 – close encounter with a dragonfly

I did some work by the wild garden pond this afternoon; the sun came out and with it came some dragonflies. I always keep a camera nearby and  first I took this blurry shot


closely followed by this blurry shot


Just as I concluded I had discovered the world’s first jet-propelled dragonfly I heard a scratchy sound in the reeds at my feet; when I looked down there was this beautiful creature perched on my boot


I had a tiny gap in the reeds to film through; the focus on the shot is not great and the wings are not complete but I will treasure this picture as if it were a masterpiece.

The Coach House, Ampney Crucis

Earlier this year I visited the garden at The Coach House, Ampney Crucis.  From the moment I walked through the entrance gates I knew I was in for a treat.

Mel Tanner’s charming easy manner, her tch1
passion for plants and intimate, hands-on
knowledge of the garden’s creation
make her a perfect host.
The attention to detail is impressive. The quality of the planting and hard landscaping combined with clever use of hedging and vistas ensure that there is a new delight round every corner.
If you get the chance to visit jump at it, these photos are just a taster.

All photos are Copyright Lynne Revette Butler