The Garden at Oxleaze Farm, Filkins.

During the summer I visited the garden at Oxleaze Farm, Filkins; this is a beautiful rural location roughly between Lechlade and Burford.  Chipps Mann has created a wonderfully relaxing environment and, as she grows many of the same plants as me, I think she has impeccable taste!! I hope that the following photographs give a feeling of the place but there is a lot more to linger over in this garden.





14 thoughts on “The Garden at Oxleaze Farm, Filkins.

    • I don’t think you have asked a stupid question! This is one plant that I don’t grow at home; intending to buy one I made a note of its name but I can’t find my note so I don’t know which plants are related to this striking beauty. I shall ask Gill from “gardening on the edge” as she is in charge of a large garden with lots of interesting plants.

      • Thanks Gill,
        I really should have known this but such large, spiky plants have only recently started to appeal to me. I remember now I was told that phormiums are from the same plant family as Hemerocallis, which grow very well here, but as the Phormiums are not so hardy I think I might need to use some winter protection such as fleece.

    • I like all the different seating areas in this garden, you could find a sheltered spot at any time of year to sit peacefully. There is a small pond (not shown) which would be a great place for taking a drink on a fine summer evening.

    • It is a beautiful place with lots more interesting corners I have not shown; I really like posting nice garden photos because I know how much I enjoy seeing other peoples. I would like to visit your place too as you have some fabulous plants that would not grow well here.

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