Scented clematis “Betty Corning”

clemcorning 2

I love to have scented plants close to the house all year round if possible.  At the moment the delicate scent of clematis Betty Corning drifts in through the side door.

This clematis is really easy and always produces masses of blooms over a long period. It grows against a south facing wall adjacent to the side door but the roots are shielded from the sun  by a hebe. (If you have read my earlier posts you will know that they are sometimes also protected by  a fat hen pheasant sitting under the hebe.) I prune the stems back to about 2 feet (60cm) long in late autumn and the plant sends up vigorous shoots in the early spring to fill a space about 8 by 6 feet.

clemcorning 1


This is a hardy clematis and could be planted against a North facing wall; I am trying one in this position for next year so will let you know how it gets on but I doubt if the scent will be as good.


11 thoughts on “Scented clematis “Betty Corning”

    • I find it very helpful that Clematis’ preference for a shaded root run allows you to plant them in an already crowded spot so long as they have plenty of nutrients. This Betty Corning gets the full blast of any afternoon sun during the summer but the hebe and the paving slabs appear to keep the roots cool and it thrives. I wish you luck in finding the perfect spot where you can enjoy the delicate scent as you walk by.

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