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If you have already read the post re Awards please skip this opening paragraph or look out for a feeling of déjà vu.

Elizabeth  from Quite Contrary ( ) kindly nominated me for an A to Z Liebster Award on  the  7th of April  and then for the Team Member Readership Award on the 16th.  I tried to find 11 A to Z blogs with definitely less than 200 followers and who had not already been nominated but the task defeated me so I am combining the awards. I’m about to set up a new page for answering the 11 questions set by Elizabeth for the Liebster and defining a “good reader”  for the  TMRA.  Some of the 11 random facts about me will come from the blogs I have written for the challenge.  I’ll nominate for the TMR Award those Challenge participants who commented on my brand new blog at least twice   (won’t add up to the obligatory 14) and if they fit the criteria for the A to Z Liebster I would like them to accept that from me at the same time. However,  apparently the original rules for the Liebster only mentioned nominating 3 blogs in return for accepting your award and I cannot find a satisfactory explanation for why this grew to 11 so  it will be up to the recipients to choose a number they feel comfortable with or, of course,  reject the award entirely if nominating people and providing 11 answers and 11 random facts is not how they want to spend their time.

Elizabeth’s Liebster Questions

1. Are you a morning person?

I can get up early or stay up late but I can’t do both on a regular basis any more.

2. Have you been everywhere you want to go, at least once?


3. If you could visit anywhere in time, for 24 hours, where would you choose?

1851 for The Great Exhibition at The Crystal Palace

4. What is the brightest memory from your childhood*? (*Pre teens)

Summer holidays in Aberdeen

5. When did you last give yourself a treat?

I nearly flat-lined during an operation more than thirty years ago – that’s why my blog is called making the most of every day – so waking  up each morning is a  treat.   I usually buy myself something in the post-Christmas sales that I would never buy at the full price but is still a luxury for me.  Last time it was a leather secretaire just like the one that features in my “still at the editing stage” manuscript.

6. What is the first song you can remember learning the words to?

Does baa baa black sheep count as a song?

7. Do you still remember the words?

If it does then Yes I do

8. Choice of snack – sweet or savoury?

some days chocolate,  some (less) days grapes and carrots

9. Do you think you now write as well as you ever hoped to?

No, but I think I am still improving

10. If you could choose between invisibility, the ability to fly, or the ability to change your size at will,  which would you pick?

The ability to fly

11. What other super-power would you want, or prefer?


11 Random Facts

1. I prefer to live in the countryside surrounded by plants and animals  with a clear view of the sky and relax by walking with my dog or visiting gardens but

2. I enjoy spending time in Museums and Art Galleries

3. I hate Marmite

4. I hope to visit more regions in Italy

5. I hate loud music in shopping centres and cafés;  I used to enjoy trips to the Cinema on a regular basis but I now usually wait for the film’s DVD release so that I am not deafened by the soundtrack.

11. Mathematics is not my strong point

These are the blog sites of the kind A to Z participants who took time to write at least 2 comments on my A to Z challenge posts and I nominate them as Wonderful Team Member Readers.  A Good Reader leaves comments that  are interesting for the blog’s author to respond to.

Tropical Territory


The questions I would like answered  if anyone would like to accept the Liebster are:

1.  Are you more likely to read a novel as a “real”  book or as an ebook?

2.  What question would you most like answered by your favourite author?

3.  Do you have a favourite colour?

4. Which month of the year do you like best?

5. Do you make New Year Resolutions?

11. Are you good at maths?

I am also nominating Kirsten from as a wonderful reader because she has been so supportive.

My final thank-you goes to Joanne Phillips from Joanne Phillips – a writer’s journey.  Jo was my first contact when I decided to start a blog and she told me to let her know if I needed any help or advice. When I did email her to ask for advice Jo replied the next day to give me the benefit of her blogging experience in spite of all the other demands on her time.  I have also learnt a lot about self-publishing from her blog which contains such useful facts based on her own experiences.

wonderful-readership-award2 liebster-award1

8 thoughts on “Awards & Badges

    • Sadly my “O” level maths teacher found it less amusing; I knew she had seen me (aged just 15) in a slightly dodgy art cinema in Oxford so my homework included the new formula X = 16+ why? which I thought was very funny. Apparently it wasn’t and it equalled detention.

  1. I love the way you count! Thanks for nominating me for the LIebster and the Team Membership Readership Award. I know about the LIebster, but the TMRA is a new one to me. Getting an award is always an honor, even though it brings a little additional work. I’ll intersperse the awards in with the Blog Every Day in May challenge which I somehow jumped into. It does give daily prompts, so that makes it easier.
    Love your rabbit picture. So cute.

    • Hi Janice, sorry to add to your work load; for the TMRA you only need to define “a good reader” and make your own nominations from the AtoZ participants so that is much easier than the complex rules for the Liebster. [It is quite possible that “irregular counting” is in fact a virus that can be caught over the internet so, if you decide to make numbered lists, I shall not be at all surprised if you appear similarly afflicted.] I am reading most of your excellent BEDIM posts and wishing I was taking part too.

  2. You’re making me smile! Thank you for your kind words and the lovely award. 🙂 It is always nice to be thought of, and I do enjoy your blog very much.
    And I would definitely want to have the ability to fly, although invisibility would be fun too. Then I could find out what people say about me when I’m not around. 😦

    • Thanks Kirsten,
      Hearing other people’s true opinions is one of the things that worried me about possessing the super-power of invisibility although, on a personal level, it is only the good opinion of our real friends that matters and it could be interesting to listen-in; I also felt that the fun element would be irresistible and I would soon be tempted into mischief-making by it.

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