15 thoughts on “photos from the golden hour

    • Philadelphus is a deciduous shrub; it’s common name is “mock orange” because the native form’s flowers look similar to orange blossom and the scent has strong citrus notes. As a former Philadelphian I expect you know philadelphia is a Greek word meaning “brotherly love.” Allegedly, Linnaeus named the shrub after King Ptolemy II Philadelphus, one of Cleopatra’s sons. I think it’s native to N. America.

  1. I adore the scent of mock orange. Years ago I owned a property that was surrounded by them and the scent was heavenly. I love your photos, especially the dragonfly/damsel fly (I can never tell the difference). Love those little guys. 🙂

    • Glad you are also a fan of mock oranges; how wonderful to have been surrounded by them. The ones in my garden produce a stronger scent than any of my other plants. I enjoyed taking those photos in the glorious hour when the sun is going down; they are the sort of pictures I like to look at again on a cold January night. Generally a damselfly holds its wings above its body when at rest while a dragonfly spreads its wings. This knowledge is no assistance when they are whizzing past your head but I can recognize some of the more brightly coloured ones now.

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