Variegated Honeysuckle – Lonicera japonica Aureo-reticulata

Following on with the theme of scented plants near the house I was lucky to inherit a fabulous variegated honeysuckle when I moved here. This grows against the East facing wall of the house and fills the rooms with delicious scent for about three weeks, depending on the weather. If you hate variegated plants, I know lots of people do, best look away now.varihoney 2

I have read many descriptions of this climber stating that it is not a reliable flowerer and a few which say that it needs afternoon sun to produce scent in the evening. In my garden it has flowered for all but three of the forty-four years I have lived here. The plant gets no sun after about 1.30pm but produces strong scent all day.

I took several photographs of bees at work and saw that one was becoming noticeably slower moving between the flowers; eventually it nose-dived into one and apparently dozed for a minute, giving me the chance to take the picture below.

varihoney 4