August 10 – House Martins (1) “Aerial Views”

This spring the martins arrived in 2 distinct groups several weeks apart;  now, whilst some are still feeding young in their nests others have started displaying the behaviour patterns of birds who are preparing to leave. During the past few days at least a hundred of them have occupied the airspace above and around my home and I have taken dozens of photographs on “burst” mode in an attempt to capture their manic activity. These are not high quality photographs so please do not judge them as individual compositions but rather look at them as a series of snapshots portraying a feathered community.


aerial 1

aerial 2

aerial 3

aerial 4

aerial 5

All photographs are copyright Lynne Revette Butler

Moon rising over South Oxfordshire and the soft, refreshing rain.

We have been waiting for rain; it has fallen  within ten miles of us but our ground has remained parched.  The moon rose with spectacular glory shortly after 10pm last night and about 3 hours later I was woken by the sound of steady rain.  Only a few months ago this would have filled me with dread as our house narrowly escaped flooding twice this spring. This morning the plants are looking perky and the House Martins no longer need to visit the pond for material to carry out their ongoing house repairs; a sense of balance has returned.moon1

martins 1