I sat by the pond to do some editing but the damselflies flew in!

This afternoon the sun came out and  the humid oppressiveness of the past few days lifted; the air was warm and scented by roses, with just a soft breeze blowing, so I decided to sit by the pond to continue editing Ellie’s story.  Ten minutes later the damselflies arrived in large numbers; I had seen the odd one or two about over the last couple of weeks but today’s visitors were a photographic opportunity I could not let slip by.

2 common blue and 1 large red

9 common blue flying too fast for the mode I was using!

9 common blue flying too fast for the mode I was using!

1 common blue; worth clicking on for a clearer view

I failed to capture a decent shot of the frog in the reeds but I’m sure I heard him saying “eddit, eddit, eddit.”

10 thoughts on “I sat by the pond to do some editing but the damselflies flew in!

    • I am lucky enough to have a very flexible work schedule which often lets me take advantage of sunny afternoons. I am still learning how to use my new camera, the thirty or so blurred shots of pond weed or my knees were a lot less attractive!

    • I find it very difficult to distinguish between dragonflies and damselflies until they settle. Generally, the damselflies have a more slender body than the dragonflies and they keep their wings closed when at rest but the dragonflies hold theirs open. Those bright blue ones are my favourites, I have never seen so many together before, they were mesmerizing.
      Kirsten helped me to find two excellent writing muses earlier this year (chocolate based muses; one dark and bitter, one paler and more comforting who I have called Galaxy) but acquiring a frog muse while I was pondering outside was an unanticipated bonus.
      Hope you have a happy, peaceful weekend too.

    • I have never regretted digging the pond and making the wild garden area. I still have plenty of space for the formal flower garden and the vegetable garden and the wildlife that lives in or visits the pond area is a constant source of joy. The number of damselflies on that particular day was exceptionally high and their flight was mesmerizing.

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