August 17 – last of the dragonflies

I had a telephoto lens on the camera as I was trying to capture a shot of a strangely exotic-looking bird (focus failure!) but when this dragonfly landed next to me I stepped back about 5 feet and took the photo below. I think it looks like a picture of a plastic toy, reminiscent of childhood purchases from Woolworths. The reflective quality of the wings almost certainly means that this is a recently hatched dragonfly (female teneral common darter??)


I walked  to the house, switched the lens, and went back out not really expecting the dragonfly to still be around so I was delighted to find it in the same spot.  This is the first time I have managed to take a series of shots of the same one; I think I may have reached my zenith where dragonflies are concerned so these will be the last photographs of them on my blog this year.



dragonfly 8

10 thoughts on “August 17 – last of the dragonflies

    • Love this comment Elizabeth; looking at the cross, ugly, pouty face I pulled in lots of my childhood photos I’m guessing there were days when my mother wished I at least had pretty wings to show off in the family album!!

  1. Amazing photographs. I think dragonflies must be liked by nearly everyone. I have a pair of silver dragonfly earrings and whenever I wear them, people say “oh, I like your earrings!”.

    • Thanks Gill; they are easy to love but I agree with Elizabeth’s comment that the face is not an endearing feature. I have seen more dragon and damselflies in the garden this year than in any of the past five summers, not just in the wilder areas but close up by the house too.

      • That has got to be a good thing, more wildlife must mean we are doing something right for a change. I quite like the idea that they are beautiful at first glance but on closer inspection have a face only their mother would love.

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