August 16 – gatekeeper, skipper, darter, bomber……….bomber??

It’s amazing what flies by when you sit quietly!gatekeeper & skipper


Suddenly out of nowhere, with no time to change the camera lens, this appeared



This is the last Vulcan bomber still flying in the UK and I have no idea where it was coming from or going to. I hope that one day there will be no need for any bombers but, flying quite low almost overhead on a quiet Sunday afternoon in an otherwise empty sky, this one knocked my socks off.

4 thoughts on “August 16 – gatekeeper, skipper, darter, bomber……….bomber??

  1. It is amazing what flies by when we’re sitting quietly. I was doing the same thing last weekend and saw all kinds of unique insects. Unfortunately I’m not as skilled as you with the camera. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos, Lynne!

    • This is the first year that I have worked out how to take reasonable shots of the dragonflies, probably because I upgraded my camera. I think it’s always worth having a go with a digital camera because you can just delete the ones that are really bad and keep the rest to remind you of a lovely summer’s day. I trashed at least 10 shots of that dragonfly and only kept 2. I think genuine sharing, whether it be facts, opinions or photographs, is the best motivation for blogging; a lot of the thoughts you recently shared about your blogging taking up too much time felt uncomfortably familiar to me. For that post I did read all the comments carefully and, as a result, next month I am altering how I deal with my own time in the blogosphere.

    • The Red Arrows occasionally fly over us but I have never managed to capture a shot of them. I missed the best shot of the Vulcan, as it came towards us, because I was scrambling to stand up on a slope; another time I hope I shall have the good sense to simply lie on the floor and take photographs!

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