August 15 – harvesting those oats as the sun went down, moon rising, brown argus butterfly.

I went back to watch the last hour of harvesting those oats (see August 13 – oats and ladybirds.) There was a glorious sunset and a pale harvest moon rising over the hills.  Earlier on I spotted a brown argus butterfly; although the wings are brown a soft blue sheen sometimes shows up and you can see it on the front raised wing.

cutting oats1
cutting oats 2

cutting oats 3

Clouds were coming in fast to the west but to the east, across the Chilterns, the moon was rising in a cloudless sky.

cutting oats 4

brown argus

All photographs copyright Lynne Revette Butler

8 thoughts on “August 15 – harvesting those oats as the sun went down, moon rising, brown argus butterfly.

    • I have used several Canon cameras, firstly a film SLR and then increasingly sophisticated “compact” digital cameras with a good selection of modes. I have recently switched to a Panasonic because I wanted to upgrade and Canon did not have a camera that had all the features I wanted in the price range I could afford but some of the photos on this blog are still from one of the Canons. I’m happy to chat by email if you want more details but I am not an expert unlike your tutor so I will just be talking from limited personal experience. It’s important that you handle the camera before you buy, I have small hands and my right hand is affected by three separate medical problems so the positioning of the controls is a really important factor for me; I simply couldn’t operate some of the models I tried in the shop.

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