A to Z Challenge – P is for People

Today’s post is about some of those  people whose surname begins with the letter P  whose art, doctrines or achievements have influenced my life.  This is the serious list, about appreciation of beauty in all its forms, about constantly questioning what is going on around us and  noticing how clever use of language is a powerful weapon.  If we have A to Z  2014  I promise that I’ll lighten up!

Andrea Palladio  (1508 – 80)     –   Italian architect       for inspiring all the Palladian masterpieces I have visited in the UK and  Italy

Emmeline Pankhurst  (1858 – 1928)     –   English Suffragette   for inspiring women to fight for their right to vote

Dorothy Parker  (1893 – 1967)    –   American writer and critic   for making me laugh (a lot), and then making me think

Anna Pavlova  (1881 – 1931)   –   Russian ballet dancer     for the dying swan of course

Sir Karl Raimund Popper  (1902 – 1994)   –   Austrian-born  British philosopher   for helping me to have an independent opinion about scientific “facts”

John (Jack) Profumo  (1915 –  2006 )    –  British  Politician   for showing me that you should not judge someones character based on one mistake

Giacomo Puccini  (1858 – 1924)   –  Italian Composer   for Tosca  and  especially Vissi d’arte                   

                          The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.    Dorothy Parker

Who would you choose for your list? 

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – P is for People

  1. I love this post and you shouldn’t apologise for being serious 🙂 I confess to not knowing about Popper but agree the others are definitely appropriate for the list. When asked a question about a list like that my mind goes blank, let alone to think of ones whose names start with P. Well done! PS I like your Zzzzz badge.

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