A to Z Challenge – O is for Optimism

I have always tried to start each day with what I believed was optimism regardless of how bleak things looked the evening before.

Whilst deciding on my topic for the letter O in the A to Z challenge I looked up the definition for the word optimism and this was the result of my search

                     hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something:

I had always associated optimism with hopefulness but not with total confidence;  quite confident or fairly confident yes but not totally confident so I looked up definitions for hopefulness

                          feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event:

and confidence

                          the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust: 

Looking at the three definitions together  it appears to me that when I am hopeful I must also have confidence;  all that time I thought I had optimism  it seems that I did not so, in future, I shall just make the most of every day as it says at the top of my blog and stop trying to define my approach to life in a single word, although I must say I do  think I am objective ………………….

One thought on “A to Z Challenge – O is for Optimism

  1. Things that seem nearly insurmountable at night often seem more resolvable in the morning -perhaps our subconscious works on it overnight or perhaps our optimism/hopefulness/confidence returns with the new day.

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