A to Z Challenge – Q is for Quietly

Why are tv documentaries so loud?  Why are some shops so loud?

I have no problem with some atmospheric music playing while nobody is talking during a documentary programme but why must they play music during speech? I frequently give up after the first five minutes because I cannot follow the sometimes complex commentary or interview which is a real shame because I know the programme would interest me if I could just hear the words.

I have read that many shop owners play music specifically chosen to make people stay in their shops for longer;  if it is loud I leave regardless of the type of music.  Stores therefore lose my potential custom as I walk straight out and find somewhere quieter;  does anyone over 18 ever leave a quiet shop to go and find one with more noise?

I live in the  countryside and most people, when visiting for the first time,  stand outside and say how wonderfully peaceful it is;  occasionally someone actively dislikes it and can’t wait to get back to a noisier environment but they are usually in their teens or twenties.

Do you notice loud music being forced on you?