2013 plant additions to the “Purple Patch” border

During the gloomy weather of summer and autumn 2012 I decided that the Purple Patch border needed lightening up. I have been particularly happy with the three additions featured below.

I already had dark flowered plants of Thalictrum aquilegifolium growing in this area; I know some gardeners regard it as a self-seeding weed but I find it a good-value plant. The new Thalictrum reniforme I planted in Autumn 2012 took a while to get going in the cold, wet spring but then flowered for weeks and I love everything about it.

Thalictrum reniforme

Thalictrum reniforme

The next addition was Agapanthus Windsor Grey; the picture was taken at dusk and the colours look a little brighter in full daylight. This is meant to be a good hardy variety but I have kept some in a pot in case I lose the border plants over winter. The stems are very sturdy but the overall effect is still very elegant.

Agapanthus Windsor Grey

Agapanthus Windsor Grey

The third selection is a bulb I bought as Acidanthera murielae but this flower has several names including Gladiolus callianthus ‘Murielae.’ I plant this out in bulb baskets and bring them indoors over winter. The scent is fabulous and  cut stems will keep flowering for at least two weeks even in a warm room.  If it is going to tower over its neighbours in a border best to give it some support in an exposed garden like mine.  Its striking profile added much-needed interest to the Purple Patch when the sun was going down.




11 thoughts on “2013 plant additions to the “Purple Patch” border

  1. All of the plants you’ve featured are great favourites of mine. I have a variety of Thalictrums and like them all, but “reniforme” is new to me and very pretty. I like your agapanthus, too.

  2. Love your new additions…I bought A ,Windsor Grey a few years ago and I love it but find it very hard to photograph….and I don’t think Thalictrum a weed ,it is a brilliant statement plant and I could sell as many as I could pot up…hope they all thrive in their new home..

    • Thanks Sue,
      I agree it is hard to get a good shot of Windsor Grey; if I get a decent number of flower spikes next year I shall cut one and try it under artificial lighting. That’s very interesting about the popularity of the Thalictrums; do you only sell plants on your open days or do you have another outlet?

      • I live on a sort of square crescent if that makes sense..so I don’t get passing trade .I did advertise at one time but you do get alot of strange folk call..so mostly now it’s word of mouth and generally from the spring to the end of August….then I get some regulars and some lovely friends.

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