I know, I said no more dragonflies, but twice in one summer ……………………

I took my mug of tea and a journal out to the pond; I couldn’t believe my eyes when another dragonfly settled on my boot the moment I stood still.dragonfly9

I took a few more pictures then sat down very slowly but it did not move

Several minutes later I slid a piece of grass underneath the dragonfly and held it right in front of my face; annoyingly I did not have a macro lens on the camera and had to stretch out both my arms to get the next shot so it’s not properly focussed on the dragonfly


I just had to show you that I hadn’t reached my dragonfly zenith after all.

10 thoughts on “I know, I said no more dragonflies, but twice in one summer ……………………

  1. I’m glad you caught a few more dragonfly photos! Perhaps you’ll start a new fashion trend with your boot jewellery! I’ll be sure to include a photo of my earrings in my next post, if I can ever dig myself out from under my daily round of running up curtains on the sewing machine and unpacking boxes. 😦

    • My grandchildren would be very amused by the idea of me starting a fashion trend! You make me feel guilty by mentioning making curtains as I started some back in the early spring and they are still only half-finished. I’m looking forward to reading some new posts by you soon.

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