August 13 – oats and ladybirds

I have seen a below-average number of  ladybirds in my garden this summer but this morning, while walking along a footpath that crosses  a field full of nearly-ripe oats, I was delighted to see dozens of them. The view is towards the Chilterns.

oats 1

oats 2

oats 3

oats 4

oats 5

oats 6

10 thoughts on “August 13 – oats and ladybirds

    • Thanks Gill,
      We had an influx of aphids on the roses during the hot, dry spell but something rapidly devoured them. I have seen enough native ladybirds now to not be worried about the local population because I have not seen a single harlequin all summer. If the house window frames fill up with 7-spots again this winter (very few last year after the horrendous wet weather) I shall take it as a good sign that they are rallying.
      I have just read a lovely post about Cliffe Garden on “The Blackberry Garden” but, as regularly happens, I could not leave a comment on this blogger site in spite of trying different ways of leaving my name and URL.

    • Thanks Jill. I agree about them being special; I think in my case watching them takes me back to ladybird spotting on sunny childhood days when we wrote down the date and how many we saw in our “I-Spy” books.

    • Hi Annie and Justin,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you like the photos. PN’s description of your blog was beautiful and I’m looking forward to visiting it later today. I hope to get round all the PN Award winners soon.

    • I’m so glad those photographs have awakened good childhood memories for you. I am hopeful that our ladybird numbers will pick up again as I have seen more recently than I did in early summer and, most importantly, none of them were the ghastly harlequins which were introduced to England fairly recently and compete with the natives.

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