Orchid near the wild garden pond

Every year we look anxiously at this area in mid-May and for the last six years we have been rewarded by the sight of  orchid leaves pushing up through the grass. They do not always flower but this year’s conditions must have been acceptable to the fussy little prima donnas.

orchid near the wild garden pond

orchid near the wild garden pond

4 thoughts on “Orchid near the wild garden pond

  1. That’s a beauty, do you know what kind? It looks like the southern marsh orchid that we get in our garden (when they decide to put in an appearance that is, as you say they are prima donnas!) and it’s always a relief when they do appear 🙂

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I considered using the name Southern Marsh Orchid for that photo but I am no expert when it comes to identifying them. We have Common Spotted Orchids as well as some that appear to be hybrids; the positively identified Southern Marsh plants growing in a different area have longer and more tapering flower spikes than the ones by the pond so, rather than risking a misnomer, I simply labelled it “Orchid.”

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