Elizabeth  from Quite Contrary ( ) kindly nominated me for an A to Z Liebster Award on  the  7th of April  and then for the Team Member Readership Award on the 16th.  I tried to find 11 A to Z blogs with definitely less than 200 followers and who had not already been nominated but the task defeated me so I am combining the awards. I’m about to set up a new page for answering the 11 questions set by Elizabeth for the Liebster and defining a “good reader”  for the  TMRA.  Some of the 11 random facts about me will come from the blogs I have written for the challenge.  I’ll nominate for the TMR Award those Challenge participants who commented on my brand new blog at least twice   (won’t add up to the obligatory 14) and if they fit the criteria for the A to Z Liebster I would like them to accept that from me at the same time. However,  apparently the original rules for the Liebster only mentioned nominating 3 blogs in return for accepting your award and I cannot find a satisfactory explanation for why this grew to 11 so  it will be up to the recipients to choose a number they feel comfortable with or, of course,  reject the award entirely if nominating people and providing 11 answers and 11 random facts is not how they want to spend their time.

A to Z Challenge Survivor – my first blogging goals reached

I hope that any established bloggers reading this can remember how it felt to attain their first blogging goals. I also hope any other newbies like me who are reading it and who finished the A to Z 2013 Challenge are feeling equally chuffed with their achievement.

I have read  some blogs over the last few days that discussed the decrease in likes and comments as the weeks passed and the difficulty of remaining motivated when this happened. I too almost gave up at one point when two of my posts were not viewed by anybody, let alone commented on, but a couple of days later  three more people who had left nice comments on earlier posts signed up to follow my blog so I ignored my own self-doubt,  analyzed why I suddenly felt the need for validation of everything I wrote, got over it and carried on.

I had no idea what to expect when I wrote my “A” post on The Enchanted April but I set myself some fairly low targets for views, likes and comments (there’s no point building-in disappointments for a new venture, these arrive quite quickly enough by themselves) and reached them by letter “L.”   I then set myself new targets which I did not reach but I came close enough to be happy with the end result. Much more importantly, I have found several blogs that really interest me and I expect to keep following them for a long time.



A to Z Challenge – Thank you for the Comments and the fascinating blogs.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my blog during the A to Z challenge.  I have tried to respond to every comment posted; if I did not reply to yours this was an oversight and I apologise for it.  A special thank you to all the people who became followers during the past month.

I have read a great many  blogs about  writing and gardening, two of my favourite topics.  I have laughed and cried in almost equal measures at some quite intimate portrayals of other family’s lives and found several new (to me) authors whose books I have downloaded and either read, am reading now, or saving for a summer’s evening.  I feel almost as if I have visited some of the far-off places I have read about because the pictures and descriptions were  so outstandingly good.

Searching for topics to match the letters I have thought about past events that I had not thought about for many years and the whole challenge has been a brilliant introduction to the world of blogging.