A to Z Challenge – Thank you for the Comments and the fascinating blogs.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my blog during the A to Z challenge.  I have tried to respond to every comment posted; if I did not reply to yours this was an oversight and I apologise for it.  A special thank you to all the people who became followers during the past month.

I have read a great many  blogs about  writing and gardening, two of my favourite topics.  I have laughed and cried in almost equal measures at some quite intimate portrayals of other family’s lives and found several new (to me) authors whose books I have downloaded and either read, am reading now, or saving for a summer’s evening.  I feel almost as if I have visited some of the far-off places I have read about because the pictures and descriptions were  so outstandingly good.

Searching for topics to match the letters I have thought about past events that I had not thought about for many years and the whole challenge has been a brilliant introduction to the world of blogging.

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Thank you for the Comments and the fascinating blogs.

  1. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z Challenge. And now you are among the first to finish the reflections post. Good for you. I’ll be working on that tomorrow.

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