6 thoughts on “ducks by my pond

    • Thanks Vicki, there is such a contrast between watching them on the water and on dry land. These are wild birds and it is great fun watching them in our garden but they are easily startled so I have to creep past them to the compost bins at the moment.

    • Welcome back Cindy,
      not only are these ducks cute, they politely stay by the pond minding their own business unlike the rabbits in the previous photo who, with their friends, have established such a large subterranean world I am considering switching to writing a children’s book about them instead of finishing my novel. Unlike the Beatrix Potter stories, mine would include a rather cross lady gardener whose lawn tractor keeps tipping over unexpectedly into the gaping holes beneath the grass, causing her to use words that mummy rabbit says are very, very naughty.

    • I’m hoping there will be ducklings again this year but sometimes the eggs are abandoned for no obvious reason. I’ll post photos if we are lucky and some hatch. Please see my reply to Cindy (above) about a potential change to my writing career, I do think the editing would be much easier.

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