A to Z Challenge – V is for Venice, Vivaldi and Valmont

ven3ven4I’m A Total Tourist In Venice.      

It might seem odd for a woman who likes to visit gardens on her travels to be so much in love with Venice;  I can’t explain it. I’ve been sung to in a gondola,  shopped, paid too much to sit at one of the tables right in front of Florian and got bellini’d at Harry’s. I have queued patiently and gazed wide-eyed upon magnificence. I would do it all again and again. (Did I mention I shopped.)  The place that held me enraptured, however, was quite small in comparison to many of the historic masterpieces; the Museo della Musica .  The early instruments in the Museum had an extraordinary effect on me;  I longed to be able to hold them. There  is a section called Antonio Vivaldi e il suo tempo which gives an insight into the life of Vivaldi.


a view from my room

ven2 ven5

Wondering how Valmont fits in with Venice and Vivaldi? They all feature in my manuscript of course. Oh the joy of writing your own plot (but, for the downside, please also see yesterday’s post “Unfinished” ) and  having fun with who does what, with whom and where.

All photos copyright Lynne Revette Butler.

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – V is for Venice, Vivaldi and Valmont

    • Thanks for stopping by Vicki; I am so glad you liked the photos as this is the first time I have added any to my still very new blog. I just tried several times to leave a comment on your vickipaulus.blogspot.com post about regression but, yet again, blogspot would not accept my wordpress URL. This is what I wanted to say to you:

      Hi Vicki, this is a fascinating post; I have always been intrigued by regression but never brave enough to volunteer myself.

      • Hi Lynne, thanks for stopping my blog. I’m new to blogging myself and not sure how blogspot and wordpress works (or doesn’t work) but I’m gong to try to get it figured out. Glad you enjoyed the post on reincarnation, it has always held fascination for me.

      • Hi Vicki,
        I have managed to leave a few comments on sites other than wordpress, but even then they sometimes call me “anonymous.” You are plainly getting on better than me although a few much more experienced wordpress users have told me they now only comment on other wordpress blogs because the various blogger sites reject their details too. I have even tried logging out of wp and using my email address on some blogs but this has been rejected as well; so much for it being an online “community.”

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