A to Z Challenge – R + S is for Ridiculous Politicians and the Schools Curriculum Proposals

I am probably tweaking the A to Z rules by posting a  partly  S topic on the R day but, for the first time since I started blogging, I am going to Rant Seriously.

I have  just learnt that our British Government is planning to take the land based courses off the list of subjects that count towards a school’s position in the  annual performance tables.  Apparently they no longer believe that Agriculture and Horticulture meet the criteria for aspirational vocational courses.  I cannot possibly write about this as competently  and eloquently as the headmaster of Brymore School, (where they have their own farm and gardens) does when appealing to people to sign the school’s petition asking the Government to rethink this proposal.  The link to the petition is below, please look at it and let me know if you think “Hair and Beauty”  is more important to a nation than growing food and caring for our environment.

Please note:  the choice of the word “Ridiculous” to describe my government’s members and proposals is entirely my own and not in any way connected to Brymore School.  The rest of the words that came to mind were inappropriate for this blog.


I will post my scheduled “S” topic on Monday but I needed to write about this now before I go out and plant food crops in my garden.

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