A to Z Challenge – L is for Limbo

I am in a state of  limbo;  nothing to do with Original Sin, Hell or Damnation I hasten to add but with the more mundane  definition of “intermediate state or condition.”  

A few days ago I read a well-written blog post expounding the case for allowing anyone who is passionate about writing to call themselves a writer regardless of whether or not any of their work is in the public domain; I remained unconvinced.  I have seen my non-fiction articles in print but I do not think that makes me a writer as I merely put down certain facts in a reader-friendly form and they were published.  If you have read my earlier A to Z blogs you will know that I am refining my novel prior to the professional editing stage;  this has to be fitted in to my already busy working and family life and most of my friends have no idea that I am also working on a book.  They do not read blogs and they do not have Twitter Accounts;  some of them use Facebook but they know that I don’t so they do not search for me.  I  chose not to involve my friends in my  fiction writing because at the moment I feel so insecure about my ability to tell a good tale; if a few strangers buy the ebook  my friends will find out but until then I am in limbo, writing but not, in my opinion, a writer.

6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – L is for Limbo

  1. The only people who know I am writing are the new friends I have made along the way since my journey started in January of 2012. I am not certain I will come out of “limbo” even in publication.

  2. The day I began to think of myself as a writer was a conversion moment in my life. My calling card says, ‘author’ under my name. Publishing Greening of a Heart as an ebook with Book Baby and all you do to prepare for that event allowed me to claim for myself the declaration. I am a writer, therefore I write…or something like that. I for one after reading your blog challenges think of you as a writer!

    • Once again you have said such kind things about my writing and it is a huge motivation for me. I am so glad that I joined this challenge although it was quite difficult for the first week as I was still learning how to use the blog features whilst writing something each day. I shall download your book at the end of the month and I am really looking forward to reading it. I think that once I have published a piece of fiction, whether it is the novel or a shorter story, I too will feel able to call myself a writer.

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