A to Z challenge – J is for Jargon

I dislike people who attempt to use Professional Jargon in order to make me feel inadequate.  

About 25 years ago I was invited to become a member of a steering group for a new local scheme being considered by the National Health Service ;  several other people from outside the NHS also took part and generally we all worked well together and made good progress.   It was obvious from the start, however, that a few of the professionals did not want the outsiders to participate in the discussions; they used various strategies to keep us excluded but their  weapon of choice was Jargon (with added acronyms.)

I have also been assaulted by Jargon when talking to accountants, lawyers, builders, car mechanics, vets and those terrifying ladies at the beauty counters in department stores.  It’s not that I mind them using technical terms related to their professions,  I do that myself, it’s the way that they use them I find objectionable.

I am currently rewriting sections of my novel having completed my own rigorous first edit;  I had made a brief reference to the use of professional jargon by one of the male characters but I am expanding on it now to build sympathy for his wife’s character in the first chapter.  This is proving harder than I expected because I do not know enough about his working environment so it’s back to research mode again.

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