A to Z Challenge – G is for Garage Band and Grandmas

I had not heard of Apple’s Garage Band software until I switched from  a pc to a macbook in 2010; I hated the music lessons I had to endure as a  child  and think this is a brilliant way of learning the basics at your own speed.   I enjoy listening to an eclectic mix of music but wish I could play the piano with greater proficiency.  

I’m learning the piano using Garage Band,

The lessons are  downloaded,  the kids gave me a hand

Grandpa’s at the bowls club,  I’ve made a cup of tea

Plugged in my new keyboard,  hurrah for iPad3

I’ve moved on to the guitar, things are going swell

I’d start on the drums next week if they taught them as well

No more knitting jumpers, no afternoon tv

No playing bridge with Stan & Midge,  it’s Garage Band for me

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