The A to Z Challenge – C is for Cloves and Childhood

What stirs your childhood memories?   Is there a  sound or smell that reminds you of visiting your grandparents?  Perhaps just reading this will remind you of something you had not thought about for years.  

Cloves are the  small flower buds from a tropical tree and may be used to produce clove oil. I use cloves in cooking but I also keep a small jar of them just to sniff,   not sure if that makes me a clove addict.   My maternal grandparents lived in Aberdeen and I spent many of my summer holidays with them;  as a treat they gave me clove candy  which was round and flat, constructed like a coil of rope. Over the years I have tried to buy  something similar but I have never found any that looked or tasted like that childhood clove candy.

6 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge – C is for Cloves and Childhood

  1. Mmmm… I love the smell of cloves. Although the one smell that always gets me thinking of childhood is freshly cut grass. It instantly takes me back to those days of playing tag and just spinning and spinning until you fall down laughing.

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